The Watt controller 
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always enough current in the campsite
The ideal device
* Very easy to use
* No special equipment for the camping
* The connected power  adjusts automatically back
* The camping fuse will not break down (by internal security)
The ideal device for the campsite
With a Watt controller, you can use small household electrical appliances up to 2000 watts at 3, 4 or 6 amperes: the fuse at your camping site will no longer continue and the devices will still work. For refrigerator, lighting and TV you already need about 220 watts. If you have a connection of for example 4 amperes at a camping site, you can only use devices up to 700 watts; your coffee maker with 1600 watt pads can be forgotten, but …. with a Watt controller in between, you can make delicious coffee. Also fries baking at 4 amps is possible, electric grilling, blow-drying, airfryer, aerofryer, oven and even making delicious oven dishes!
How does the Watt controller work
You first inform how many amps you have at your campsite. Then plug the Watt controller into a socket in the caravan or motorhome. Then press the RESET button of the Watt controller until the correct position of the ampere you have on the campsite is indicated: light 3 = 3 amps, 4 = 4 amperes and 6 = 6 amperes. The Watt controller is now ready for use: you insert the plug of the electrical device that you want to use into the socket of the Watt controller and then switch on the device. So you can leave your refrigerator, lighting and TV or laptop on. 

Note: Cannot be connected to an inverter with a modified sine wave.

can only be connected to an inverter with a pure sine wave.

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