Your own coffee (pad) device on the boat or camper

Depending on the setting of the Watt controller, you can use your coffee machines on an INVERTER of 1200 watts with a pure sine, in position 3 ampere 500 watts (Senseo 7822), with 4 amperes 700 watts and with 6 amperes 920 watts. So you can connect your 1450 watt coffee (path) device to the Watt controller and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee on the boat or in the camper.

To connect: coffee-pad machines

Medion (Aldi)
Magimix M220A
Essenza Krups

The following pad machines work on the Watt controller: Nespresso machine Magimix M220A or Essenza from Krups, Medion (Aldi) or a Philips coffee pad machine type 7810 * in positions 3, 4 and 6 (from code 04 that can be recognized at the beginning of the numerical code eg 04151 21 at the bottom) with lever lock and type 7822 without display.

The Senseo’s should be turned off manually if you have enough coffee; make sure that the water continues to run. The Senseo Quadrante only works at booth 6. For Philips coffee pad machine: see “Frequently Asked Questions”

The Watt controller makes the coffee machine a slightly different sound than you are used to.