This way you can lower your boiler from eg 2000 Watt to max. 920 Watt!!!

Do you have a close-in boiler of 2000 Watt and you do not want to consume too much power: then the Watt controller is the solution.

A close-in boiler (eg 10 liters) is ideal to use in combination with the Watt controller. You can control the capacity of the water heater of up to 2000 Watts perfectly with the Watt controller: connect your water heater to the Watt controller and your water heater will be in position 3 500 Watt, in position 4 700 Watt and in position 6 920 Watt. This has the advantage that you can simultaneously turn on a dishwasher.


Close-in boiler of 10 liters 2000 Watt.

To heat the water from 12 to 60 degrees; takes about 17 minutes.

This takes place with a close-in boiler of 10 liters, which is connected to the Watt controller,

In mode 3 (500 W): 72 minutes
In mode 4 (700 W): 48 minutes
In mode 6 (920 W): 36 minutes

The Watt controller has an own capacity of +/- 15 Watt and an operating temperature of +/- 33 degrees. To raise 1 gram of water by 1 degree, 1 watt of energy is needed; whether it is 2000 or 500 watts, only time makes the difference.

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