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an easy way to set your satellite dish

The Quick Satfinder is to be placed on a tripod and it’s easy to use because of the water level, compass and clear degrees indication; ALL in one product. It can be used for a cuff with a diameter of 49 mm. If you do not have a cuff, click the link cuff Quik Satfinder(tube diameter slightly too big?

Loose tube (tube diameter 35 mm) Cuff (tube diameter 49 mm) Tripod

The big advantages are:
  • It’s extremely easy to install
  • You can level the tripod in a clear and simple way.
  • Clear degree indication where the satellites are located.
  • The Compass will not affected by the satellite dish.
  • Because of a straight line on the tube on which the dish is placed you can  easily go from one to the other satellite (e.g.,  Atlantic Bird 3 5° W, Hotbird 13° E, Astra19,2° E, Astra 23,5° E, and Astra 28.2° E).

  1. Push the tube down to mark a straight line
  2. Level the tripod
  3. Rotate 90 °
  4. Insert cuff. Place QSf on the cuff and point north

  1. Place the bracket
  2. Place the dish in the bracket
  3. 19.2 ° east
  4. Setting the Gradenhoek dish (eg Amsterdam 29 °)

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